The Little Chapel Foundation

The Restoration project is far from completion
We need approximately £500000 to fully restore the little chapel together with proposed plans for the woodland gardens, pathways, entrance gate, toilets, roofing, the Information Centre and parking bays

We are still faced with continuing water ingress affecting the Little Chapel particularly the Grotto which is being investigated.

Our Planning Application to address the problem coupled with other improvements to the site to provide safe, disabled friendly access to the Chapel and regeneration of the woodland gardens is under consideration and will be the subject of an Open Planning Meeting at a date to be announced.

Following concerns raised by the public and consultation with the Planning Department the plans are being revised from those shown below. The updated version will be available shortly and specification amended to substantially reduce the estimated costs and quantify the work necessary to solve the water ingress problems and repair works to the Grotto.


Click The Image Below To Download PDF The Outline Planning Brief (Being Revised):


The Little Chapel was substantially the work of one man, Brother Deodat Antoine who arrived in Guernsey in December 1913.

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